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We believe that you and your business deserve expert legal advice that is accessible and easy.

We believe that obtaining legal counsel in your business should not be intimidating or complicated.

Like you, we do business a bit differently. We don't have a receptionist sitting out in the lobby. We don't invest in expensive billboards and pass the costs to our clients in legal fees. Our virtual law practice serves clients nationwide and even globally, if you do business in U.S. commerce.

We are a team of moms and entrepreneurs. As such, we value relationships and efficiency. Making sure you feel knowledgeable about the legal side of your business and understand every issue and solution is one of our core values.

When you choose to work with Brand Law Boutique, you won't have to worry about rising legal fees with each and every question or need. We operate on flat-rate fees for most services, so you always know what to expect.

You are the CEO of your business and it's crucial that you operate it with a strong legal foundation. At Brand Law Boutique,  we would be honored to serve the role of  legal counsel for all of your trademark and copyright needs.

"It's time to protect your most valuable business asset - your brand."

— Rachel Ngom, She's Making an Impact

"Kailey was such a joy to work with! She was fast, responsive, and got the job done. I highly recommend Kailey!"

— Megan Kelly, Mompreneur Nation

"I had no idea how much I needed Kailey Jacomet. I knew I needed to protect my business and that is it. Kailey helped me get my trademark with little work from me. I’m creative so details aren’t my favorite thing. She took care of everything. She also created custom contracts for my membership. She’s one of the best things to happen to my business. I can’t recommend her enough.

— Janelle Lara, Founder of The Part-Time CEO

"Kailey is the only small business lawyer I recommend to my clients. Her expert knowledge and accessible services have supported me and my growing company in countless ways!"

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Hi! I'm Kailey Jacomet. I'm a wife, mother, lawyer, and entrepreneur. After graduating from Seton Hall University School of Law and spending years working in prestigious legal positions, as a federal prosecutor and state assistant attorney general, I found myself wanting something different, something that fit my life and passions.

That is when Brand Law Boutique was born: a law firm to help other entrepreneurs access a boutique law firm experience from anywhere they are located, within a budget that is predictable and accessible.

My passion for intellectual property law began when I served as the first legal intern for the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office's IP Attaché to Southeast Asia at the U.S. Embassy Bangkok. I continued to build a focus in trademark law at a top international law firm in Asia, helping major U.S. companies protect their intellectual property in emerging markets.

As an entrepreneur myself, I love learning about my clients' big ideas and dreams for their businesses. Being a lawyer for small businesses allows me to play a small part in so many different entrepreneurial journeys. 

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Hands down, my sweet babies are #1! And my camera-shy hubby ;)


Spicy Thai food with my family on a Sunday afternoon after church.


GOOD coffee with old friends (or new!)


Traveling to new countries where I'm completely out of my element. This photo is of Bagan, Myanmar, where my husband and I traveled to in 2014.

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our business story

History Time


Earned a Juris Doctorate from Seton Hall Law School


Served as Assistant Chief Counsel for U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security in NYC


Served as Assistant Attorney General for the State of Missouri


My sweet daughter and Brand Law Boutique were born


Launched our contract template shop, Contractista


Supported numerous entrepreneurs taking control of their destiny in uncertain times


Grew our team with an associate trademark attorney


Protecting the intellectual property of businesses making massive impacts in their industries and the world!

We believe your business deserves a dedicated attorney, not just an internet paperwork service.

We believe the attorney-client relationship should be an accessible and enjoyable one.

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How long does it take to
register a trademark?

3-4 months

30 minutes

Up to a year

How much revenue should you be earning before you register your trademark?

At least 50k

Any amount

At least 100k

There is no specific revenue level you should hit before registering a trademark.

In fact, many new businesses file for registration before they even launch in an "intent to use" application.

A trademark is the same as a business name.



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