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Registering your brand name, logo, or tagline with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) is a vital step in protecting your intellectual property rights in the marketplace. This process is different from registering your business name with your state and the entire trademark process can take 10 months to a year to complete. There are numerous advantages to registering your mark (and getting your application in as soon as possible).

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Protect against the use of confusingly similar marks.

Send cease and desist letters that have weight to them.

Get infringing marks taken off of social media platforms.

Don't let someone else beat you to it! A trademark application is a much less expensive process than your option of recourse if someone beats you to registration.

Trademark Search & Registration Process

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step two

Trademark search + Legal opinion letter

step three

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trademark application

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Hi! I'm Kailey Jacomet.

My legal practice is devoted to helping you grow and scale your business by protecting your intellectual property - your trademarks, copyright, and proprietary information that make your business unique and valuable. 

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"I had no idea how much I needed Kailey Jacomet. I knew I needed to protect my business and that is it. Kailey helped me get my trademark with little work from me. I’m creative so details aren’t my favorite thing. She took care of everything. She also created custom contracts for my membership. She’s one of the best things to happen to my business. I can’t recommend her enough.

— Janelle Lara, Founder of The Part-Time CEO

"Kailey is the only small business lawyer I recommend to my clients. Her expert knowledge and accessible services have supported me and my growing company in countless ways!"

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How long does it take to
register a trademark?

3-4 months

30 minutes

Up to a year

How much revenue should you be earning before you register your trademark?

At least 50k

Any amount

At least 100k

There is no specific revenue level you should hit before registering a trademark.

In fact, many new businesses file for registration before they even launch in an "intent to use" application.

A trademark is the same as a business name.



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